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History of Ken Nyberg

Brief Overview

Throughout Ken Nyberg’s entire childhood,
from the time he was born in January of 1938
until he turned 19 in 1957, his family made
due with very little. No TV. No telephone. No
electricity. No running water. And sometimes,
barely enough food to survive. But Ken has
always looked back at those good old days
with fondness. Though he grew up without
all the “things of today,” life was much more
interesting and in many cases downright fun.
From a very early age Ken used his imagination
to create things with his hands. And one day,
several decades later, Ken used his hands to
fashion a 1,240-pound iron foot in Vining,
Minn. Ken followed that up with many other
large, and some smaller, iron sculptures that dot
the Midwestern landscape today like so many
of the grain elevators he built when he was a
construction foreman.


To read the entire history of Ken Nyberg

you can find, "A Walk with Ken" for sale

in Vining at Big Foot Gas Station & Deli.

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